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Metagrid 2023 for MT4

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Metagrid 2023: Analyze -Trade - Win - Precise Forex Trading for beginners & pros - MT4 Trademanager

Metagrid 2023: Analyze -Trade - Win - Precise Forex Trading for beginners & pros - MT4 Trademanager

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One of the best-selling forex trade managers
and forex analysis tools for MT4. It comes with multi-timeframe trendlines, support and resistance, and daily calculated order blocks with the help of external data. The strong order blocks have a win rate of >70%. 

No monthly fees
One time payment

Watch the videos to see all features of this great tool for
the Metatrader 4 trading platform. Metagrid is an advanced MT4 trade manager (standard version) and has built-in its own trading system with signals and an auto-trader.

How it works
Video Courses

Version 2.3

Some of the features:

Metagid MT4 Trademanagr

Easy installation with a setup file for Windows. License for two accounts included.

Lifetime free updates!

Ever had this happened? You open a trade and price reverses immediately against you.  Now you wish you had opened the trade only with a small lot size.

Metagrid Pipmanager helps you with this problem!


It can scale into a trade by automatically adding to your winning trades. The more price goes in your favour, the more your trade size will be increased. 


If price goes against you, you are only with a small lot size in the trade. But if price moves your way, the profit gets bigger and bigger.

The best of all: Metagrid Pipmanager works with a hidden stop loss, hidden target, hidden pending orders. Your broker does not know the numbers. You are better protected against spread stop hunts.


Metagrid Pipmanager works with the BID price not the ASK price. Only if the candle touches the stops loss you will be out of the trade but not if the spread gets bigger.


Works with any kind of trading style, flexible settings allow tailoring to match your trading style



Some trade examples - The power of Metagrid

Click on a picture to make it larger

A Clean and easy to use panel

With the sell and buy buttons you can jump immediately in a trade and the grid will be painted. With the pending buttons you can set a hidden pending order. With the cancel line you can auto cancel a pending order if price touches that line. With the close all button you can close all open trades of a pair at once. 

Hidden pending orders

Set a hidden pending order. If  price touches the line the trade will be opened and the grid is in place

A new trade starts

The initial trade is opened from our example above. The blue lines represents the grid. If price touches a blue line an additional trade will be opened. If the trade goes now against your trade idea you are positioned with a small lot size only. This helps to keep losses small and profit big.

We reached our target​

That looks nice! Price moved through our grid. One by one, the additional trades were opened. If the hidden target is reached the manager closes all trades in profit. But you can always end the trades by clicking on the "close all" button. 

Easy to setup​

Setup your start lot size, the adding lot size, the grid size and the number of grid lines. Done.

Rocket move for good profit

This is a live example of a grid trade one of your members made. One green candle activated the whole grid and gave a lot of profit. (The symbol changer is an external tool, it is not included in Metagrid software)

The whole grid is in play 
Trade example

Another live example of a sell trade. You can use the trade manager for any methods and systems you like. We strongly recommend using the manager the first weeks on a demo account to get confident with the grids and to find the best settings for your trading method or system. (The symbol changer is an external tool. It is not included in Metagrid software)



We'd love to hear from you

Our Chatroom

“I trade now with the Metagrid trade manager only. I lost the fear of trading. It is so easy and makes so much fun to watch how price works through the grid. Thank you for that great tool.”


Mike, California



Use Metagrid with Agimat 
and FSO Scanner

Are you searching for a good trading system to use with Metagrid? We have two recommendations for you!  The Agimat trading system - very easy to use. And the FSO Scanner for chart pattern trading.

Agimat Trading System
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