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List of all functions

Latest version: 2.3 / released Februars 2023


  • Hidden entries (not transmitted to your broker)

  • Hidden stop-loss (not transmitted to your broker)

  • Hidden targets (not transmitted to your broker)

  • Hidden trailer (not transmitted to your broker)

  • Option to use stop-loss and targets from MT4 instead of hidden orders

  • Expected profit and loss will be displayed on target/stop-loss

  • Market orders and pending orders (stop orders and limit orders) 

  • Opens a trade only if the candle touches the entry line, not the spread (same for stop-loss and target)

  • Active Entry: Opens a pending order only if price action confirms the trade (you can turn it off or on)

  • Entries, targets, and stop-losses can be set with the help of lines or by pips

  • Auto lot-size calculation (never guess what lot size you need to risk a free customizable percentage of account balance)

  • Simple and expert mode (expert mode for more experienced traders)

  • Add grids to your trades in both directions

  • Hedge grids 

  • Grids with a fixed grid size or totally free customizable with lines

  • Auto trendline entries (can open a trade if price breaks a trendline or bounces on a trendline)

  • Auto Fibonacci entries (opens a trade if price retraced to a free customizable Fibonacci level) 

  • Dynamic Moving Average: Displays the best Moving Average for every pair

  • Auto Break-Even: Secures your trade after a free customizable candle close 

  • Auto Partial Close: Closes a part of the trade after a free customizable candle close 

  • Pip counter

  • Profit counter

  • Shows the main trend on every pair and timeframe

  • Change settings while trade is running

  • Stop-loss by account balance (stops the trade if you lost a free customizable percentage of account money)

  • Target by account balance (closes the trade if you made a free customizable percentage of gain)

  • Free customizable multiplier if you want to add trades with a martingale

  • Quick stop-loss if you want to move the stop-loss very fast

  • Shows the pip value for every pair

  • Random button: Switches to a random pair (makes fun!)

  • Clean button: Delete all your drawings or from indicators with one mouse click

  • Close all button: Fast close of all open trades 

  • Shows compounded pips if you use grids

  • Shows the spread for every pair by two lines directly on the chart

  • Cancel-Line: If price hits this line a pending order will be deleted

  • Spread protection: Does not open a trade if  the spread is too high (free customizable)

  • Bank levels: Shows where price is very likely to turn (*)

  • Copy-Button: Opens the actual template a second time)

  • Magic Number free customizable

  • Can make automatically screenshots of your trades that you can analyze your trades easier

  • Alerts for opened and closed trades by email and push notification

  • Alert if your loss is too high by email or push notification

  • Profit-Alert by email or push notification


  • Alle functions of the Standard Version

  • Multi-Timeframe Trendlines 

  • Multi-Timeframe support and resistance lines

  • Expert Advisor (EA): Can trade price action and order blocks. Can manage your own trades if you are not on your computer - for example by deciding when to secure a trade or when to close a trade earlier. (More information on youtube)

  • Price Action arrows for potential buy and sell trades 

  • Daily generated Order Blocks for all forex pairs, metals, and indices

  • Daily generated Bank Buy and Sell Levels 

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