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Supply & Demand Indicator for MT4

The must-have tool for your trading success!

Find entries with a very small stop-loss and with large targets

Find positions where you should go out of the market

Analyse nine timeframes in less than a second

Three different analyses modes

Built-in scanner for potential setups (BETA)

Alerts for fresh zones and if price approaches a zone

Trading supply and demand zones is one of the most powerful trading methods. The concept is based on the fact that banks and institutional investors open their trades on positions where the cheapest price (buy trades) or the most expensive price (sell trades) can be obtained.

With the supply and demand indicator, you can find exactly such positions.

Our indicator analyses the market structure, the volumes, and the candle structures of nine timeframes in less than a second. 

We don´t charge a monthly fee for this high-quality indicator. You´ll get it for a one-time fee!  

The power of Supply-Demand trading in some examples:


It is totally easy to understand: A box above the actual price is a supply zone where we want to sell. A box below the actual price is a  demand zone where we want to buy. The colors of the boxes show you on which timeframe the zone was found. White stands for an H1 supply-demand zone, red for a daily zone, and yellow for an H4 zone.  In this example, price came into the white H1 supply zone where we open a sell trade. It gave us a very nice sell trade without a big drawdown. 


In this example price came back into the green demand box. Green stands for an M15 zone. On the first buy entry price moved over 40 pips in our direction. Normally you should only trade the first touch of a box. But you can see that even the second entry gave again profit. The drawdown was in both cases again minimal.


Supply-Demand trading gives you entries with very small stop losses but with huge profit targets. In this example price came back into the M15 supply zone where we open a sell trade. We place the stop loss above the zone. This gave a 10 pips stop loss. Price moved 85 pips in our direction. This is a risk to reward of 1:8 


Here you can see the power of the multi-timeframe analysis. In this example on gold, the indicator found several demand zones on different timeframes - almost in the same place. This is good! We open a buy trade after the price came back into the first box (the green M15 demand zone). With almost zero drawdown price moved in our direction. In this case, we can also see above our entry another green M15 box. It is a supply zone. This is the zone where we exit this trade because it can likely happen that the price will reverse here. 


The settings menu allows you to choose the colors you want for the boxes and which timeframes you want to get analyzed. In the auto mode, the indicator shows the best zones from the strongest timeframes. In the single-mode, the indicator shows only the zones for the timeframe which you have opened. In the manual mode, you can decide which zones should be analyzed. 

You can also start a scan mode (BETA). The indicator searches in this case for a pair where price is close to a supply or demand zone. 

Versions and prices for the indicator

You´ll get the Metagrid Supply and Demand indicator for MT4 for a one-time fee with free updates. We also provide new training videos for free every month.

The price depends on how many MT4 accounts you want to use this indicator at the same time:


License max. 2 account numbers at the same time 89 Euro


License max. 4 account numbers at the same time 129 Euro


License max. 8 account numbers at the same time 199 Euro


License max. 16 account numbers at the same time 329 Euro

The software does only work on Windows computers. 

We reset the accounts every 24 hours. For example, if you have the 2 accounts license you can use the indicator on two different account numbers at the same time on as many charts as you want.

But what happens if you change your broker and you got a new account number? No problem: Because we reset the account numbers every 24 hours your new account will be recognized automatically. In our example: As long as you never use more than two account numbers at the same time during 24 hours all will be fine.

Because the price for this high-quality indicator is much cheaper than similar products (other developers charge you a monthly fee!) we can´t offer any discounts for existing Metagrid customers. 


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