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Agimat Signal Scanner / Uncle Scanner

Latest Version: 2.11 for Agimat 2020 an Agimat 2018 
Price: 50 Euro (with lifetime free updates)

The Agimat Signal Scanner (or so called Uncle Scanner) gives signals for the Agimat trading system 2020 and 2018. You can set a lot of filters to get the best signals. By default, it scans for so-called Uncle Lee Setups, but you can change a lot of the settings. You can set alerts for Original Agimat2020 rules, the blue peak arrows and the yellow trend boxes. 

What is the difference between Agimat Scanner and Ultimate Scanner? Answer


Latest Version: 2.01 for Agimat 2020 (you also get the scanner for Agimat 2018 included)

Price: 50 Euro (with lifetime free updates)

This scanner shows in the Agimat Scan Mode for all nine MT4 timeframes all Agimat signals (Blue Arrows & Yellow Boxes). It shows the weak and the strong signals, the fresh signals and on which timeframes pinbars were found. With one view you can see what is going on for up to 28 pairs on all timeframes on a single dashboard. It was never so easy to trade with the Agimat signals. The dashboard gives updates on real-time. 


Latest Version: 2.01 (you can now use add-ons like the Toolbox for order blocks or the AutoTrader)
Price: 79 Euro (with lifetime free updates)


With this easy to use trade manager, you can easily manage all of your trades. It fits all trading methods and styles. The expert mode (included in the one time fee) gives you powerful additional tools: grid trading, hedge grids, automatically trendline trading, automatically Fibonacci retrace entries, candle close break-even, auto calculation of the correct lot size, dynamic moving average and many more. 

It comes with hidden stop-loss and hidden targets and a hidden trailer. You can plan trades with Stop and Limit Orders.


Add-ons are available by monthly subscription. Please contact us to get price information for the add-ons "Order Blocks" and "Auto Trader".


Pipnotic Supply & Demand Software

Price: 59 Dollar/Month (includes different indicators and learning material and weekly symposiums) 

The best Supply & Demand software we know. It paints all supply & demand areas for nine timeframes into the chart and shows the accumulation candles. This helps to make precise entries sometimes on the pip. We use the Supply & Demand method for our "Weak=Strong Strategy" for the Ultimate Scanner. Pipnotic website


Latest Version: 1.01
Price: 67 Euro (with lifetime free updates / an Autotrader will be implemented soon)


With this easy to use scanner for MT4 you get signals for the trading method called "Zero Hero" which was introduced by "Uncle Lee" in his trading group. The scanner gives signals if a valid "Zero Hero" trade was found. It scans up to 30 pairs and four timeframes at the same time. You can change the timeframes and pairs. You can set different filters to get good signals only. This is a standalone product, you don´t need additional software or indicators. You can use the scanner on four different MT4 accounts at the same time. 


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Uncle Scanner + Ultimate Scanner 89 Euro 

Uncle Scanner + Ultimate Scanner + Metagrid 149 Euro 

Uncle Scanner + Metagrid 105 Euro

Ultimate Scanner + Metagrid 105 Euro 

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