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Metagrid PREDICTOR is a tool that gives up to six trading suggestions every day for users of the Metagrid trade manager and the Metagrid supply/demand indicator. 

This is a free beta test! Come back every day to this site and check for new trading suggestions. The trading suggestions are calculated by a complex algorithm. 
Wellenförmige 3D-Net

Trading suggestions for Wedensday, September 1, 2021

Trade a bounce of the Banks Buy Level after a trend line (H1, H4 or Daily) was broken (buy trade)

Valid in all sessions.

The setups are only valid if they happen exactly in the given time window. Otherwise, we have no trade! The Predictor does not give a target or stop loss. Use a proper money management system. Confirm entries with price action.

Previous results

EUR/PLN from August 23 - WINNER
Open a buy trade at 00:48 Central European Time. Note: On many brokers spread was too high at this time



CHF/JPY from August 25 - Winner (max 15 pips)

Trade Break of H4 trendline in sell direction. Valid in all sessions.


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